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It's not a coincidence the best Pizza and Bagels originate from Brooklyn. The same holds true with Bread and Pastries as well, and so we are proud to announce the bakery featured in the Moonstruck movie is now available to the world.

Welcome to Wow Breads

A division of Cammareri Bakeries. That’s right the Moonstruck bakery.
Our breads are hand crafted in the style of old European bakers using traditional recipes and only the finest quality ingredients since 1921.

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Featured Products

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About Us

Everything we bake, we bake with love.

With over 400 different baked products to choose from be assured Wow Breads can meet all of your baking needs including Italian Bread, French Bread, Dinner Rolls and more.
And with our round the clock operations and our team of dedicated experienced professionals, you will always get the freshest bread and rolls when you need them.

Wow Breads the old World European bakers.

Variety and service is only part of the Wow Breads story. Yes, of course variety and service are important, but at the end of the day it really comes down to taste. When you combine our experienced dedicated bakers, time honored recipes, the finest all natural ingredients, along with the pride we take in offering you and your customers the high quality, great tasting baked goods Wow Breads is famous for, we think you will agree Wow Breads is the tasty choice for all your baked goods.

Quality Products

Time honored recipes, the finest ingredients, the tasty choice for your baked goods!

Fast Delivery

Delicious baked goods when you need them!

Online Order

Order online and we handle the rest! Wow Breads is setting the new standard!

24/7 Service

We delivery fresh breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, tarts, and more!

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